Celiac Support Group

August 18, 2010

Just got back from attending the Celiac Support Group for gluten-intolerant folks. It meets bi-monthly at RMH. (My first time inside the new hospital.) I took samples of our Multigrain Bread and Granola Bars, both of which were well-received. Thank goodness…it’s a little nerve-wracking to sit around and watch people eat and evaluate.

After tonight I have a better idea of what life is like without gluten. Instead of bitter-talk people shared tips of tasty products they’ve discovered at Martins or elsewhere, restaurants that are gluten-free-friendly, what makes an ok substitute in recipes, etc. I also learned a lot about the disease – symptoms, how it is diagnosed…I hadn’t known that it is genetic and if one family member has it, often a second and third does too.

Hopefully the GF part of our little bakery can become a trusted supplier to this group. I’m glad I went.


3 Responses to “Celiac Support Group”

  1. Thanks for coming out last night to check out our Celiac Support Group. Enjoyed reading your post. What gluten-free products does your bakery offer?

  2. We offer a multigrain bread that slices well and works for sandwiches, granola bars, sweet breads, brownies, lemon bars, peanut butter balls, pies…we’re continually working on new GF recipes.

  3. I am happy you have so much that is gluten free! Some of my extended family have Celiac Disease. I learned that only a small percentage of persons with Celiac Disease in the US are aware they have it. Bravo, Brown Butter Bakery for making great food without gluten!

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