Breaking bread and the upcoming Market

October 11, 2010

Took gluten-free bread for communion at my church last Sunday. Got up early to bake so that it would be still-warm, as I wanted people’s first experience with GF bread to be as good as possible. I worried that it would crumble all over the floor as pieces were broken off for each person – since gluten is what makes bread stretchy and helps hold its shape. I wasn’t able to go forward since lately my son is a major handful in church, so I still wonder if there were crumbles…

I received several positive comments afterwards but my favorite moment was seeing an individual who has Celiac disease standing in line and knowing that this time she wouldn’t need to leave empty-handed.

Felt awkward charging for this loaf  but am really trying to treat the business as a business otherwise I’m afraid we’d never charge anyone. We absolutely want giving/donating to be part of our business plan but haven’t fleshed out exactly how or when, yet.

We are getting excited for our first Saturday Farmer’s Market this coming weekend. Trying to figure out a way to serve cinnamon rolls WARM. Our cinnamon rolls are not gluten-free…it’s this confusing thing where everything we serve at the Market is GF except the rolls. We’ve tried converting them but haven’t found a good solution. I hate telling GF folks that they can’t eat the most delicious-looking thing on our table but for now that’s where we’re at. We keep navigating the GF/not-GF issue and are trying to find the right path.


One Response to “Breaking bread and the upcoming Market”

  1. Debbie F Says:

    What you have started to do with communion has warmed my heart. I am sure as your church realizes that you are there to satisfy that need for their communicants that they will not think twice about purchasing the bread from you. Your kindness touches my heart with tears of joy. I would probably be one of those people who would rather read the blog on the fb because of one stop reading. See you on Saturday.
    Always, Debbie wife of The WoodArt Studio artist Steve

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