The deal with GLUTEN-FREE and our business plan

December 19, 2010

Justin and I feel like we are becoming known as ‘the gluten-free bakery.’ That makes us feel proud but also misunderstood, because the GF thing is really pretty new to us and was never the reason we got into baking. And it is not the sum of our business.

I have a friend with gluten and dairy allergies and took up the challenge of baking for him… and things have sort of just gone from there. Doing GF baking is what got us into the Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market – because no one else is doing it. It’s HARD – rice flours don’t act like wheat flours and we’ve thrown away plenty of flops when trying to convert a ‘normal’ recipe into a GF one. The flip side is that meeting GF folks and having them come back week after week for ‘the best GF bread I’ve ever had’ is terribly rewarding. The bread…the bread…our GF multigrain has neat ingredients in it and looks lovely but, personally we don’t care for it, and that makes us feel weird selling it. Other than the bread though, the GF items we sell taste pretty much like their wheat-filled counterparts – brownies, lemon bars, granola, etc etc. We’re happy to polish off leftovers.

In the next couple of months our goal is to write an official business plan and crunch numbers to see what it will take to open a little spot downtown. A cozy spot with art on the walls and plants and bookshelves and good music. Our downtown location will not be a gluten-free bakery. Our hope is to carry some gluten-free and dairy-free and vegan items, but our favorite things to make and the ones we hope to sell tons of are cinnamon rolls, breakfast biscuits, strombolis, hearty sandwiches on great bread, soup… We’ve been making lists and doing lots of recipe trials in hopes of soon finalizing what will become our breakfast and lunch menu.Anyway, maybe this helps fill in some gaps and answer ‘what’s the deal with Brown Butter Bakery?’ We’re loving this.


2 Responses to “The deal with GLUTEN-FREE and our business plan”

  1. suzi Says:

    please do this. pretty, pretty please.

  2. australialovers Says:

    I just had your GF bread and it is VERY YUMMY! I need to get down to the Farmer’s Market more often and try your other GF goodies. There aren’t many good GF options here in Harrisonburg.

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