The Brown Butter Bakery is a Limited Liability Company made up of Justin Yoder and Rachel Herr. We bake out of our home kitchens, where we’ve each got a home occupancy permit and a kitchen inspection. For now we supply several local businesses with baked goods and you can find us at the Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market. A future goal is to open a retail space downtown Harrisonburg – cozy; with bookshelves, plants, artwork, good music and of course delicious baked goods to eat in or take out.

Your bakers mid-brainstorm

Kneading cinnamon roll dough


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Shiela Murphy Says:

    Rachel – WOW congratulations! Everything looks awesome – that logo sure would look good on a t-shirt! Good luck and congratulations.


  2. Karl Waizecker Says:

    Hey there,

    I really loved the gluten free multi-grain bread I picked up last Thursday! Is it possible to place a standing order of one loaf per week? I’ll be glad to come pick up. (I think lots of gluten free folks would be interested in something like this)



    • Karl: I am so glad you liked the bread. We worked long and hard on that recipe! Yes, we’ll keep holding a loaf for you at the Farmer’s Market. A scheduling note – this week is our last Thursday, then we are taking two weeks off before starting up for a big winter season of Saturdays. So, our first Saturday market will be October 16. See you soon!


  3. Karl Waizecker Says:

    Thanks! Does the bread freeze well? If so, I’d like to double up this week to get through until 10/16.

    See you Thursday…


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