NOTE! This program has been discontinued for the time being. We are pursuing other avenues. Thanks again to our wonderful members – you helped us start this business.

What is it? A Community Supported Bakery is like Community Supported Agriculture except instead of receiving a box of fresh produce each week, members receive baked goods. A number of ‘shares’ are offered to the community and members pay up front for a certain length of time – one month, in our case. A CSB benefits the bakers because they receive cash flow to help purchase ingredients, etc and there is no waste since they know exactly how much they need to bake. A CSB benefits members because they receive fresh, made-from-scratch goods without preservatives or ingredients that are hard to pronounce. They know where their food is coming from. Bakers and members benefit from relationships that grow through weekly contact.   

This is how ours works:
Each week members receive one sweet and one savory baked item – one of these two is almost always a loaf of bread.

See photos of many of these items on the ‘We Made It’ page. 

We use as many LOCAL, NATURAL, and ORGANIC ingredients as possible. 

Members pay up front for one month at a time or more if they want. Payment is due at the first pickup date each month.

One share cos
ts $45 a month and INCLUDES DELIVERY. Yep, right to your doorstep.

We deliver within the Harrisonburg city limits. If you live farther away or would prefer to forego the delivery charge ($5 included in the $45 per month) and pick up your items, we have a pickup location on Acorn Drive in Harrisonburg where you may come for your items Saturdays between 1-2pm.
Email to inquire about joining the CSB.

Brown Butter Iced Cinnamon Rolls, ready for delivery



6 Responses to “Community Supported Bakery”

  1. Wanda Quesenberry Says:

    Rachel Jenner told me about your website. I am allergic to wheat, ALL nuts, and fish. I would love to try some of your products before I consider joining. Is this possible? Thank you so much for any information.

    • Hi Wanda! While the CSB consists mostly of wheat flour-based items, we do offer a Multigrain Bread that is gluten-free and doesn’t contain nuts. You can find it at Downtown Wine & Gourmet in Harrisonburg – I’m dropping some off there this Friday at 5pm. Thanks so much for your comment – I am really interested in this topic and will try to develop more products that are safe/natural/delicious for folks like you.

  2. Larry Hoover Says:

    We met you at Wine and Gourmet on Friday and loved your gluten-free bread – better than the bread made by the celiac baker at Whole Foods! I would encourage you to try some more gluten-free products – scones, muffins, coffee cake, etc. We wouldn’t be able to justify a share without some more choices. Have you considered the arrangement that Charis Farms has – an upfront payment punch-card, which offers items at a slightly reduced price, which can be used until it is punched out.

    • Rachel Says:

      Larry: Of course I remember you – your comment on the GF bread means a whole lot to me – thank you! And your suggestions about more GF items and the punch-card will be taken to heart. Thanks again.

  3. Vickie Wilt Says:

    I am excited about Gluten Free products at the Farmers Market. My daughter has Celiac Disease. I was just wondering if your entire facility is gluten-free? Do you use the same mixers, bake pans, dishwasher, utensils, dishcloths, etc. for your gluten-free products that you do for your wheat products? My daughter is very sensitive to gluten (I guess most gluten-free people are). Thank you for the time and effort you have put into this venture. Blessings!

  4. Hi Vickie: Thanks for your question. Gluten is not present in any of the ingredients used in the baked goods we label ‘gluten free’ and we are very careful with the utensils we use when mixing, baking, and packaging these items. However, we do work in kitchens where gluten is present and if your daughter is severely allergic, she may not want to consume these products. Hopefully you can give us a try.

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